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We turn Ideas and Visions into Reality and Results

Phrixus aims to satisfy real needs of real projects.

Phrixus provides flexible web solutions

We offer a wide range of web services that will help you achieve your business goals.

What We Offer

Web Development & Design

Phrixus builds & maintains websites that allows you to achieve your goals. We provide designs with intuitive functionality and excellent end user experinces.

Social Media Management

Phrixus expertly manages social media accounts to increase user engagement and website traffic.

About us

Phrixus [frik-suh s] is a Web Development company that focuses on providing a full range of online services to small businesses and individuals.

Award-winning designs

Our team of developers utilize the designs, concepts, and ideas from many award-winning web designers.

Expert team

We are a team of dedicated web development and design professionals.

Businesses with websites


Business who use an outside Development Agency


People accessing the web via mobile device


Our Services

Our company offers flexible & reliable website development as well as extensive customer support, so you don’t have to worry. We build all types of websites and provide many other online services.

Clean and Crisp Websites

Phrixus creates professional websites and web applications keeping the customers' needs in mind.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Phrixus provides mobile friendly web development solutions so that websites are optimized across platforms and screen sizes.

Social Media Management

Phrixus dedicated team will manage a business identity across multiple social media networks.

Website Auditing

Phrixus will review your existing website, make recommendations on ways to improve functionality, UX (including performance), and business metrics.

Online Marketing Support

Phrixus online marketing experts utilize Google Adwords® to increase website traffic and maximize ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Phrixus utilizes industry techniques to optimize website ranking among the leading search engines.

By hiring a professional developer, you get to focus on your primary business goals while allowing an expert to create and manage your online business needs. A professional developer can take your vision and turn it into reality in a much shorter timeframe, saving you valuable resources.

In most cases the answer to this question is: YES. A website should be designed to achieve a purpose. Typically, this will be the first impression that a potential client or customer experiences and it should illustrate the image you are trying to convey.

The timeframe to build a website varies on many factors. At Phrixus we work hard to minimize the time to develop by establishing a through scope for the project in the beginning. This allows both our clients and us to have a clear understanding of how long the project will take.


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